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Hold On

By July 20, 2019Personal
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Donate – the clothes you no longer need.
– the things you no longer use.
– the items you no longer care for.

Walk away – from the people who pull you down.
– from the people who can’t see good in you.
– from the people whose only aim is to de-mean you.

Yes! All of this is true. Free yourself from every little thing that no longer works for your betterment – things, objects and even people.

But it’s been quite different for me lately. Trust me.

Every time I am on a cleaning spree (of mental and physical possessions), I set aside a lot of things (and people) I plan to palm off. But, some how, I hold strongly on to them. Cleaning doesn’t come easy to me. Stocking up or rather cramming up the old along with new is a tough job. I try to push it in every nook and corner of my wardrobe (and heart).

Recently, continuing my eco-friendly drive for Rakshabandhan, I scanned through everything I had stocked up in my collection. Being a jewelry designer, I have a lot of things lying unused in my jewelry racks. I need them at unexpected hours.

After lot of brain racking, an idea finally dawned on me. It was like ‘the eureka moment’.

A few pieces of coconut heads, collected during one of my beach trips, lying silently amidst my beads, came out of their shells. I could hear them whisper “pick us up”. A beautiful flower-shaped head seemed just perfect for the occasion. So, I cleaned them up and my lil champ helped me give them a quick varnish coat. Excited I glued them onto my jewelry wax chords. It didn’t feel perfect even though they looked good.

So out came the cotton chords from another bag and muttered – ” use us instead”. Ah! How marvelous, I thought to myself, feeling proud.

“But the occasion demands colors” spoke my otherwise quiet husband. ‘Think Amruta think’ screamed a voice inside loudly.
Walking around the room an idea crept out through the smallest opening.

Sliding the shutter of my wardrobe further, I pulled out a bag full of cut pieces of the dresses I had stitched in past. I had thought of disposing these a few hundred times till now.
“Get us out” – said they dancing with joy.
And voilĂ ! How quintessential!

A trick is, these rakhis can further be used as a neckpiece for the most trendy look.

Beauart Organic Rakhi 3

Beauart Organic Rakhi 2

Beauart Organic Rakhi

Every year I strive to make rakhis that are reusable, for I need more than 40 pieces. So why use something that will pile up in landfills without serving the purpose?
‘Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’ has surely been my ultimate motto.

This is how ‘holding on’ to things has mattered to me.

Holding on to a few people, whom I should have given up on long back, has helped me grow too and in the most certain way. They are my morale boosters, my guides and my angels in disguise. The lovers teach me to love more and the haters teach me to accept more. And so they are my stepping stones towards success. I am blessed to have them in my life.

Oh wait! Wanna guess what me and my darling daughter are making for her big list of cousins?
It’s an usual idea thats completely handmade. But mind you no jewelry items are being used in the process.

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Let us know what are you planning this Rakshabandhan in comments below
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